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Cell phones/infertility emfs can hurt fertility--oh no!

August Brice - Sunday, September 21, 2008
This just in--the latest issue of Fertility and Sterility(a medical journal) has just published a study on how emfs effect sperm. 
Basically, here's a recap:  Sperm count decreases as cell phone use increases.  Oh no!  The results we're not completely clear, but  they conclude that one possible culprit could be the energy generated by a cell phone. "If they're operating the phone near their waist, it could raise the temperature of the testes slightly," says Ashok Agarwal, Ph.D., HCLD, Director of Research at the Reproductive Research Center at Cleveland Clinic and one of the study's investigators. "A slight increase in temperature could result in a decreased sperm condition."   Now remember--every cell phone gives off emf's --specifically radiation through the radio/microwaves used to establish and send signal.  Dr. Agwari recognizes this and goes on to say,"  . . .another possible explanation is that holding a cell phone near the ear for extended periods of time could expose the hypothalamus -- a region of the brain that helps govern metabolic and autonomic functions -- to excessive electromagnetic energy, possibly affecting the hormones governing sperm production.  
Oh dear, two ways that  this unnatural radiation--emf exposure-- we're getting is effecting the way our healthy bodies should work.  But not to worry--too much.  We know what to do:  1. Hook up your phone to a hollowtube, airtube, safe headset that will prevent that radiation from getting close to your head.(which you can get here at emfreview.com  2. Set that phone 2' away from you so that the rest of your body is subjected to less and less exposure.
That way those sperms can swim around in an emf-free enviroment, happy, strong ready to do their part in the  making of healthy happy babies!  Ahhh I  feel better already.  Here's a summary from the Cleveland Clinic