SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. Watch!  You can see what EMFs look like. Part of our journey at EMF Review has been to talk to as many people as we can about their cell phones.  It’s amazing to watch people’s reaction.  Even when they start out skeptical, as soon as you show them that holding their phone next to their head is about the same as putting your head next to a running microwave, the light just seems to go on! 

Now see how phones send out different amounts of radiation, depending where they are. CLICK

The AIRCOM is designed to prevent 99% of bad EM radiation from getting into our brains.  We’ve looked at a lot of headsets and the patented ifit aircom2 is the only one we’ve found that completely eliminates EMF exposure in our tests.  You can buy it for your family today at the EMF store.


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