What's an EMF?

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Here’s the simple definition:  Electromagnetic Fields are electric charges in motion.

And they’re everywhere.

Coming out of your cell phone, your microwave, your wifi, even your stove.
You can’t see them, touch them, taste them or smell them.

So the same kind of energy that pops your popcorn in your microwave, also is barreling in and out of your cell—WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR BRAIN!!  AND YOUR KID’S DEVELOPING BRAINS!!

The cell industry says the EMFs are perfectly safe.  A growing number of scientists disagree and say you need EMF protection.

Who should you believe?

First take a look at history.

Remember when doctors advertised their favorite cigarettes as being able to “improve your health?”  Remember when Life Magazine carried the picture of a smiling girl in a cloud of DDT and touted the deadly insecticide as the first truly “safe” product in it’s class?  Remember when asbestos was proclaimed the economical and effective solution for schools and public buildings?  Remember?

If we had known then what we know now….

The point is that our understanding of what can happen with continual, prolonged exposure to environmental hazards evolves over time.  Often, it seems, we invent and implement a solution to make our world better then we find it winds up harming us years later.  From the cancer-causing additive MBTE in gasoline to lead in our household pipes, first we seek the best solution to a problem and then later grapple with its consequences.

The real opportunity occurs between when the solution (cell phones) and the consequence (cancer) are scientifically confirmed.  What is an acceptable number of cancer deaths or level of pain caused by long-term exposure to EMFs?  When is a warning notice posted?

EMFs are the train tracks that carry the information age.  Cell phones, hand-held computers like the iphone and Blackberry along with wi-fi are the most common examples of products using these indispensable Information-Carrying Radio Waves.   How incensed are we when our conference call to London drops off between cells?  When the Research In Motion’s e-mail system crashed on millions of “Crackberry” addicts for a few hours, it became international news.  Moms expect a call before the movie starts AND when it’s over.  How many text messages does your teenager need to pop out every day to keep her delicate social network intact?  150?  It seems our ability to survive in the new continually connected world is directly related to our exposure to EMFs.  But is your mobile more dangerous than smoking—or asbestos?  See what one scientist announced in March:

Mobile Phones ‘More Dangerous Than Smoking'

This transmitted energy, which in the case of cell phones, is softly humming from handsets held close to the brains of over a billion people world-wide, has been linked in some studies to increased cases of cancer.  Some researchers believe that over time, cell walls respond to the energy by closing the cell wall, keeping anti-oxidants out and keeping potentially cancer causing free radicals in.

“The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones… [is] the largest human biological experiment ever.”
- Professor Leif Salford, Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden

And the New York Times recently asked “What do brain surgeons know about cellphone safety that the rest of us don’t?”

Experts Revive Debate Over Cellphones and Cancer  (Registration Required)

You should also check this very scary interview from Dr. George Carlo.  He conducted a landmark study in the early 1990’s and became convinced that the connection between cell phones and cancer was undeniable.  He even talks about how Sprint and Disney are targeting our kids with cell marketing:

Ask yourself a simple question:  Should I stay away from EMFs?   Should you wear or seatbelt or motorcycle helmet? Should your child ride in a car seat?   I think better safe than sorry.   Why not be smart and exercise care. Checkout Protect Your Family for ways to limit your emf exposure and keep yourself and your family safer.